Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Relentless Reinvention

I would like to believe that the mirror is the best tool to transform a human being. If every one were to wake up looking at the mirror we could find a solution to all problems on earth. May be this seems like a dream. No, it is indeed a dream. A good utopian dream? Every man's life is a quest for this mirror. Knowingly or unknowingly, every man in search of the self would take up such a quest. This journey can become a relentless effort for reinventing one’s self


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  2. Unfortunately it had been a constant endeavor and relentless effort in their "journey of growing up", to not to look at the mirror that is always available with themselves. The introspection or being true to themselves is thought to have restraining effort or retrograde affect on their ability to reach their growth ambitions. Once they made themselves ugly in their so called growth journey, the dream has indeed become a nightmare and no one dared even to have peek. Those who have mustered the courage to overcome the emotionally barriers, those who have forgiven themselves have transformed themselves to beautiful people, the born again's and the angels. Sure, it is an utopian dream or the quest that is worth pursuing