Saturday, 24 September 2016

OSHO :- Creativity: unleashing the forces of within

When Osho says: “creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence” I have to completely agree with his phrase. You can be creative only if you are an individual, you cannot create as part of mob. The mob psychology is uncreative. It lives dragging life. It knows no dance, no song, no joy, it is mechanical, he stated in the book “Creativity: unleashing the forces of within”. It is true that creative people selected a vagabond or bohemian life to renounce respectability for their creative work. In the current world a creative person don’t need to do the same. He says, individual needs to be free from collective mind.

My experience of being in super-conscious and conscious creative streaks while writing and then shifting to daily operational consciousness does not require bohemian life. As he stated, I would agree that Bohemianism was a reaction to tell society that “we creative people are different” Recently Balachandran Chullikkad, the famous Malayalam poet explained, how stupid it was propagating such a view in 1970’s and early 80s. John Abraham could be a product of such a celebration. Streaks of creativity could very well hit like waves to a naturally creative person, if he is willing to introspect and fly like a bird in the sky or tides in the ocean. It is possible from my own experience; Of course, one might need reclusive time and space from mob/media distractions for certain periods. But that is true for all creative jobs, even if you are a scientist or a mathematician or an artist; only the environment differs.

“Humanity has come to cross roads. We have lived one dimensional life.” Personally, I love that 3Cs from this book. Consciousness, Compassion and Creativity. As Meditative as Buddha, As Loving As Krishna, As Creative as Michelangelo. He continued, these are three dimensions of your life: being, feeling and action. ‘Action’ contains creativity, all kinds of creativity – music, architecture, science and technology, poetry, painting etc. ‘Feeling’ contains aesthetic – love and beauty and ‘being’ contains meditation, awareness and consciousness


  1. Excellent book review. I personally think the key is "Not to be in crowd despite being in crowd", i.e. not to be influenced by crowd or mob psychology. Being reclusive helps one in the sense that it significantly lowers chances of getting influenced. However, if one is very sensitive and has strong views or character - it will lead to a lot of emotional turbulence and deep sense of conflict with society. If the same person manages to meditate for longer periods of time, it will lead to surge of creativity and at the same time master his own emotions. It will help metamorphic transformation of person - who is at ease with himself yet same time produce master class literature or artwork that can be socially transforming as well. Great poets, writers, cartoonists, painters may belong to the category. Strong spiritual personalities may not only become reclusive but also able to create their own world in to which they attract people of similar mindset.