Friday, 14 July 2017

Neo Liberal Economy and India

India theoretically implemented neoliberal economic policies in 1992. The term Neoliberalism had its origin in the west and got popularity after the Second World War. The meaning and intensity of the word neoliberalism changed from early 1900 to 2000 based on the context and usage by different nations. In the modern context, it is more based on fundamental market economy based on the free market. The competition will decide the value of the products and services. The proponents of developmental agenda based on liberalism advocates free trade and market economy would bring social and economic growth in the country.

Indias GDP ranking was 10 on a relative scale in 1985. It came down in 1990s during the initial stages of the reforms. The GDP rank is 7 as per current status. Ironically, being in top ten of resourcefulness or top ten in wealth creation (GDP), our HDI (Human Development Index) and Happiness Index is below rank hundred. Is it a gap between Vision and execution of vision? The fundamental question of actual development comes in terms of inclusiveness. GDP is all about wealth creation. Inclusiveness is all about wealth (or any resource) distribution by value creation to attain healthy happy Human development. Yes, we need to have a HHH Index for inclusive development agenda.

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