Monday, 3 July 2017

Vision Lights More Vision

I repeatedly get questions from my friends on subjects related to political, racial and religious based atrocities. Most of them ask me personal questions on specific incidents. My answer is always same. I don’t support any lynching in any label. Be it a political murder or religious based terror or racial attacks. My hope is that; political leaders and religious leaders come out in public, make more noise and voice against atrocities in their own labels before attacking other labels...!. This has to be the mantra in the coming years, if we want to achieve the world peace. I have tried to communicate or express my feelings through my first novel ‘Dhaivakanikakal’. I will not change my position on this subject, unless any human being in this world can challenge my thought…! You can call me Individualist. I have no problem. I am ready to accept anyone’s vision, if it gives me more convincing light to my inner thoughts. The light from an electric bulb gives you finite vision. The light from vision gives you infinite vision.

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