Saturday, 28 January 2017

Creativity - Unleashing the forces within

(Text From OSHO) : - Creativity is a very paradoxical state of consciousness and being. It is action through inaction. It is what Lao Tzu calls wei-wi-wei. It is allowing something to happen through you. It is not about doing. It is becoming a passage, so that the ‘whole’ can flow through you. It is becoming a hollow bamboo, just a hollow bamboo…!!

Creativity simply means you are in total relaxation. It does not mean inaction. It means relaxation – Because out of relaxation much action will be born. But that will not be your doing. You will be just a vehicle. A song will start coming through you — you are not creator of it, it comes from the beyond. It always come from the beyond.
When you create it, it is just ordinary, mundane. When it comes through you, it has super beauty. It brings something of unknown in it.
When the great poet Coleridge died he left thousands of poems incomplete. Many times in his life, he was asked “Why don’t you complete these poems?” because few poems were missing only one line or two lines. And he would say, “I cannot, I have tried, but when I complete them something goes amiss, something goes wrong. My line never falls in tune with that which has come through me. It remains a stumbling block.”
Nature gives everybody energy which is creative. It becomes destructive when it is obstructed, when no natural flow is allowed. Osho says…!!!

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